The #3 biggest free lying stone in Norway. The volume is approx 500 m3. The height is 18 meters. There are some very old trees growing on it, so there it looks like the top of the head of a troll! Take a exploring walk behind it as well, into a real "troll forest"... A perfect place for picnics and photo shooting! 


A great and spectacular waterfall, 75 m of height -  a "must see" if you are in the area.  It takes a little walk: 10 -15 minutes down into the valley, and then you're there - enjoy!  (Toll road kr 40) 

Nature reserves           

Geographically Rendalen is the biggest municipality in Southern Norway: 3 178 square kilometers. Topographic, above sea level (asl): from 251 meters (lake Storsjøen) to 1755 m. asl (summit mountain Sølen). That means we have an exciting specter of scandinavian boreal flora and fauna, some lakes, flat lands with agriculture, steep hills, forests, fells and high mountains. All this you can experience in Rendalen - Almost without meeting any other people on the paths! Or you can hire a guide, if it is your first time exploring like this. We have a numerous nature reserves in different topographic levels and with different biotopic characteristics.



The length of Storsjøen is approx 35 km from south to north. The size is 48,1 km².

It is the #10 deepest lake in Norway; 309 meters. 

There is plenty of whitefish fishing in the sea, but there is also fishing for trout, grayling, lake and char.

It has streams from Lake Lomness in the north and from the river Mistra in the east by the Åkrestrømmen. The lake has drains to Glomma through the river Rena. Tap the picture for more info.

M/S Storsjø

An old lumber floating boat. Today a cruiseboat for groups or tourists through the summer season.



Åkrestrømmen cultural park

Statues, events, markets connectet to events and festivals. 

Rosemaries kilde

A water source by Pilegrimsleden.  

The source was inaugurated by Hamar Bishop Rosemarie Köhn in July 1998.

Since then, pilgrimage has been arranged for a pilgrimage fair here during the Åkrestrommen Grendefestival in July each year.


Lumber Floating Dam from 1858 restored and reopened in 2019, one hundred years since lumber floating activity was closed down in the river Rokka. Timber floating was the ancient main transport system in Norway for shipping to export and for processing industri.


Northern Europe's largest canyon, which was formed during the last Ice Age, around 10 000 years ago. You may experience the Jutulhogget Canyon on foot by descending the precipitous path, or you may enjoy the view right up on its edge.


Fiskevollen is the largest and oldest inland fishing village in Norway. Here are old fishermen cabins and facilities for one of Norway's richest inland fisheries, catch of particular whitefish and char. You can experience a very special atmosphere in this rare village located by Sølensjøen, with a great view to (Mt) Sølen.

Bull Museum

This was the birthplace of the Norwegian writer Jacob Breda Bull. The Museum's collection includes the cradle he lay in as a child, and furniture from his study in Copenhagen. The Museum encompasses a school museum, a bank museum and a historical collection of folk music and instruments. This collection is based on the life of the legendary accordion player Ottar E. Akre.

Festivals, events & markets

Like any other places, something happens more or less frequently through the year in Rendalen, too - Festivals, events and markets. May be you're lucky and can join us for one or more of them - Welcome!

Sølen (1755 m a.s.l)

The landscape protection area Sølen Landskapsvernområde was established on 18 February 2011 and covers an area of 456.4 km2, which is entirely located in the municipality of Rendalen. This is one of County Hedmark's most distinctive mountain areas.



Hiking trail to (Mt) Byringen (1038 m asl). The hike takes approx. 90 minutes up and 60 mins. for return. Snowshoeing in the wintertime, in the darkness, under the stars, or under the moon, that is a wonderful experience you'll never forget! At the summit you will find a cabin, a former fire guard hut, which is open, and where you can stay over night. Watch VIDEO from snowshoeing up to Byringen. 

Second hand and flea shop

Here you can find a lot of different second hand things for decoration and for your household, some furnitures and a few antiques. 


The Johannes Church

A newly built church built after model of medieval stave churches.


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Fiskevollen seen from drone

Festival "Fiskevolldagen" summer 2019

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